Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bush Library

So, odds are if you live in College Station and have a shoot with me soon I'm going to try and talk you into doing it at the Bush Library. It offers a lot of variety, a lake, flower gardens and pretty cool architecture.

I shot this beautiful family at the Bush Library Gardens and it was a blast! (This is as close to "autumn colors" as College Station, Texas gets, by the way.)

This is Andrew, he's three and likes trains, puppies and cars.

His parents were behind me in this shot and kept telling him to "Smile!" Now, he was smiling but not a particularly convincing one, so he kept reaching up to feel his face to make sure he was still smiling. So adorable.

This picture was an accident, but I really like it! I was shooting Ellen, and Andrew ran up and gave her a hug. Since I had a fixed 50mm lens on the camera, I couldn't zoom out and just got this tight crop of the two of them. They were so sweet together! It was delightful to be around siblings who were so kind to each other and seemed to genuinely like each other.

Miss Ellen was such a self possessed 10-year-old and has some of the prettiest skin of I have ever shot.


Lydia said...

Beautiful work! Love the one where they're hugging!

The Art We Breathe said...

great shots (as usual)! which 50mm are you using? the 1.8? 1.4?

Charly said...

Ok, I'll do one at the Bush Library... what Thursday afternoon would be good for you?

LizzyBees said...

These are the cutest kids ever!!