Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ainsley and Avery

These two little ladies are Ainsley and Avery.

Group hugs :)

Doesn't Ainsley have the most beautiful hair?

At 19-months Avery is at that crazy/active toddler stage, and she did not want to stop moving one bit for pictures! However, the flip side of this age is that they don't give you fake expressions, all the smiles are real!

4-year-olds have such great imaginations! Here's Ainsley pretending to be a puppy. I used to babysit a little girl who always wanted to pretend to be lions, (Hi Meggie!) and it's such a neat developmental step to catch . If your child does something all the time we definitely want a picture of it, it will mean a lot to you when they're outgrown that stage.

Hey! This puppy wants to play outside!

Last but not least, Ainsley made me a sweet necklace! She designed it the night before I came to do her shoot and she even incorporated butterflies in it! Isn't that neat?

For new clients; this is a photoshopped version of what I look like. Ha! So look for something like this when I meet up with you to do our shoot!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Abby and Audrey

This is the same baby that was blogged about here . Crazy how that happens right?

Fun fact; on the day I shot sweet Abby and Audrey I had two other shoots with children named Ainsley and Avery and then Nicole and Nathan!

Baby legs and toes! I do this feet shot often but no two babies toes are exactly alike. Babies! They're like snowflakes! You heard it here first ;)

Look at all that hair and that adorable little face!

Big sister Abby was quite the model for me. I think her features are just stunningly gorgeous.

Baby Audrey took a 10 minute cap-nap and then was back up and smiling.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meagan and Natalie

Remember Meagan and Natalie from two post back? Here's the rest of their blog post!

There was a little teething going on (as is per the norm for a 6-9 month old shoot) but they did so well!


The end!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dixie Chicken Bridals; College Station Photographer

When this bride-to-be, Kelsey, first contacted me about doing her bridals I was both apprehensive and excited to shoot them as she wanted them done at The Dixie Chicken and I knew that would require flash photography (something that's not exactly my forte). The groom's cake is a tiny miniature of The Chicken and she wanted her bridal portrait to match. I'm so glad I got outside of my comfort zone and got to shoot them. I think they came out so well! (Of course it didn't hurt that I had an absolutely stunning bride to work with!)

One hazard of shooting the Thursday before Spring Break was that most of the gentlemen at the Chicken were a bit sloshed and completely enamored with the idea of a girl doing Bridals at The Chicken and this one even insisted on being in a picture! It's just one of those things that adds to the experience I guess! ;)

Right outside the Chicken is an alleyway where people throw bottle caps and is thus dubbed, creatively, "Bottlecap Alley". It makes the most fabulous backdrop!

After the Chicken we headed to Downtown Bryan to get photos with a different flavor to them. The goal was as much variety as possible and I think we achieved it!

This one is my favorite. I LOVE these windows!

Isn't this birdcage veil fabulous? Kelsey made the brooch for it herself, she had a lot of little touches in her bridal ensemble that were special and unique and we tried to commemorate them all.

Aren't these shoes beautiful? The bride has a degree in horticulture and she got the tattoo on her foot with her fiance, so this was an important detail!

Which portrait was your favorite?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twins; Natalie and Meagan- Before and After

Here's Meagan and Natalie when they were 10 days old? (Something like that). Natalie is the bottom baby and Meagan is on the top.

Here they are now! Again, Natalie is the bottom baby and Meagan is the top, although the sides are switched.

Now with smiles! Crazy how completely and quickly babies grow!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New CD Packaging

I'm working on changes for my CD packing. This has two purposes; first I want them to look more professional, and second I want them to be more distinct and less likely to get misplaced by the client.

I give the client a CD of their images and then I keep a copy of their images on my computer for about 6 weeks. This is to make sure the client doesn't have any trouble printing their images or saving them to their computer. I cannot however, keep the files indefinitely as I would quickly run out of computer space!

This is a composite image I made of Miss Adyson after her three-month shoot. She was such a talkative little one!

This is her CD, cute right?

I plan on creating a template with my business logo so after a shoot I just have to pick the portrait to add to the template. :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Madison, Natalie, Kenley and Colby!

Big(ger) families are so much fun to shoot! As soon as a subject gets tired of you and your camera you can grab another one!

This family and I have the worst luck with scheduling a date! I've shot them twice and both times it was super cold and windy and everyone's noses were running at the end. Despite all that, these kids do so well in front of the camera! It's pretty amazing!

This is the eldest, Madison.

This little doll is Natalie.

This sweet little one is Miss Kenley.

Last of all is Mr Colby. His eyes are crazy, electric blue. I'm having quite a time making sure no editing happens to them as it makes them look quite fake!

He's in love with his Moma. :)