Monday, September 22, 2008


Sometimes I have a problem with consistency.

People ask me what my favorite age to photograph is and I say, “Newborns!” and I mean it. I love how small newborns are, how delicate and vulnerable. I love that they will sleep anywhere (well, some of them) and all the excitement surrounding their birth.

But then I go to a shoot, and decide that I am wrong. How could I not be swayed by a one-year old who insists on hugging me before I leave? Or a three-year-old who wants to be my boyfriend? Sometimes I return home and gush to my roommate, “You should have seen this senior I got to shoot! So easy and willing to pose at the coolest of locations! Seniors are my favorite!”

It’s hard playing favorites.

Meet William. He is (er, was, this shoot was last month) a fresh six-months-old and my new favorite age to shoot. He’s old enough to sit with some assistance, to hold his head high, and to smile at his mommy but not quite old enough to crawl away from me. Perfect.


Lydia said...

I know what you mean; there's just something special about every age! I love how you captured William's big, beautiful, blue eyes!

Lydia Weldy said...

Haha, your second comment will also be a Lydia! I did a double take at first:)

Yea for a new Sarah blog. I promise to post comments this time.:)

Eric said...

You're my hero... And I truly am stoked to see that you're still blogging!

One day, we'll have to meet.

The Art We Breathe said...

Love the new site! Yeah, I eventually had to make the jump from Xanga too. Although for some reason I haven't cancelled my xanga subscription email (which is where I saw the link to your site...)

Anyways, site looks good, very clean!

Are you still in New Zealand?

-Kevin (formerly "dropowtt")