Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knox and Kruz

Of course, all babies are miracles, but some of them take a little more prayer to get here. :) These sweet boys are the long awaited Knox and Kruz, and goodness gracious are they ever adorable! least they're not Longhorns? ;) Knox on top, Kruz on bottom.

I loved this fur blanket their mom had! It inspired me to add a fur blanket to my "newborn kit".
In the top picture Knox (L) and Kruz (R). The black and white image is Mr. Kruz.

Look! Knox gave me a smile!

I love this one just for the height difference in their parents!

Sweet Kruz on his mom's favorite color.

Handsome Knox. These boys were the best posers!

I love this because can you just images their embarrassment over this photo when they are angst filled 16-year-olds who play that guitar?

On the last set of the day we were going to put them in beach buckets. It's a little more complicated of a pose, and they were starting to get hungry and so I was pretty sure were wouldn't get them both to do the set up... so we started with Knox and we was so stinking cute in the bucket that I was sad that it probably wouldn't work out.

But then Kruz went into a bucket without any fuss either!

Aren't they the cutest beach bums you've ever seen?

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Adam and Andrew said...

These are some of the best newborn twin photos I've ever seen. Makes me sad that I didn't know about you when I brought my pair home!