Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This bright eyed baby is Miss Elyssa. She's the 4th and last baby in her family!

This is a handmade quilt her mama made her. I love incorporating special heirlooms like that into photographs!

How do you really feel about having your picture made Elyssa?  ;)

Then Elyssa had a feeding break and I  took some picture of her siblings. It's easy to see why this family has four kids, they make beautiful babies! This is big sister Haley.

Big brothers Rylee and Bryant!

This picture is a composite of three images. I would never leave a baby unattended (without someone holding/touching her) in a field with large animals.

Sweet smiles!

The first of many rides on this family heirlooms rocking horse! Just think about what a fun before/after shoot this would be with an image of her as a newborn and another of her as a one-year-old with the same horse? It will really help show how much she'll grow!


Hot Mess Munson said...

Love them!

The Queen said...

Such stunning work for such a beautiful baby! One of my favorite sessions ever, friend!