Thursday, October 3, 2013


With this newborn session the mom told me beforehand that she wanted a more lifestyle session. Lifestyle sessions are more a "slice of life" type of shoot, in your own home, surrounded by your own decor with the people you love, loving on it each other. I think they help create images that match the memories you have,  and of course it doesn't hurt when you go to a house with happy kids and HUGE windows for natural light!

Big brother Asher was so excited for it to be his turn to take pictures with Miles! I love how small Asher's feet still are (one day when he's a big stinky teenager that will not be the case) and the wrinkles in that soft baby head!

Calin and Asher were sharing Miles in this chair, and every time I suggested they do something, "Now look at his eyes, are they open? " they would get RIGHT down in front of him to check!

Calin talking to Miles. I love how you can tell how intently he's focusing on her!

The boy team and the girl team (plus Miles).

Isn't his nursery divine? I love soft, delicate tones for newborns, and I think his bow and arrow theme is so fresh and will grow well with him!

A tiny smile for his mama!

When we did his beanbag portion of the shoot we used just the one blanket to help keep the tones simple, and the focus on the baby.

Then we took everyone outside for a few images.

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