Monday, September 30, 2013

Jackson & Delaney

I love shooting the same families over and over again and getting to see their babies getting bigger! I started shooting this family when we did maternity photos for the bump that turned out to hold a Miss Delaney!

Isn't this a great looking bunch of people?

I love that you can even tell in the photos that these two like each other a little bit ;)

Also, this baby girl could not have more striking eyes if she tried ;)

...and Jackson is at my favorite big kid age! Missing teeth for the win! There's just something about missing teeth that feel like a Norman Rockwell subject, all mischievous and animated.

Such a great big brother! 

Delaney did some twirls for us to show off her dress. I love her "tada!" hands in the last image!

I could have filled a blogpost with faces like this Jackson made for me ;) He is a cut up!

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Judy Giles said...

I wish I'd had a photographer like you when my kids were little. : D