Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Andy & Becca baby bump

So, I've been having an increasing amount of out of town people coming to me for shoot which is always a huge amount of pressure, because if someone has come in from Oklahoma, or Louisiana or Tyler, Texas and rented a hotel for a shoot the next day you really want to make sure everything is perfect for their shoot. But (and here is the HUGE "but") I cannot control the weather... which seems self explanatory.... but you know, if I could control the weather I would most likely be in another line of work ;)

This adorable couple came to see me from Nacogdoches, TX, and of course the forecast was entirely clear when they left and entirely rainy when they got to College Station. (YIKES). We had planned a "singing in the rain" theme for their maternity session to complement their "singing in the rain" engagement shoot I did two years ago, but we weren't hoping for actual rain. Because cameras are expensive electronic equipment, and very few people look fresh with perfect hair/make up for longer than 30 seconds in the rain ;)

So. I was praying like a banshee. (Side note; my husband commented the other day "You are always telling me to pray it won't rain...have you ever considered the fact that you may be the reason College Station has been in a drought the last 2 years?" which is an astute and perhaps true accusation.) And we were blessed with rain that cleared up in 10 minutes and then sun that came out. This is NOT always the case and last weekend's family made the drive in from Houston only to have to reschedule for another date because of rain. For this reason I usually discourage out-of-town people because I feel badly when I cannot make it work out for them and it's a lot easier to reschedule with in town photographers!!!

This is Becca, I met her when I was 13 at 4-H Electrical camp. :)

If you look closely in this one you'll see rain drops! Also, is this couple gorgeous together or what?

LOVE floppy hats!


You guys, then the sun came out! I'm still feeling relief even now looking at these images, because it does not always work like that and we really wanted outdoor field images! 

Is this belly the perfect pregnant belly or what?

This field is in a crazy sketchy area of downtown Bryan, but Becca and Andy were totally willing to trust me that it would turn out and I think it was worth the gamble!

Cannot wait to see this sweet baby girl inside that bump! I KNOW she's going to be a keeper!

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