Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So. two years ago I shot Mr. Braydon's newborn pictures and recently I went back to their house to shoot his little brother Blayne!

Braydon was the MOST INTO being a "big brother" of all the toddlers I think I have ever shot. We bribed him with holding the baby and he was so super excited about it. (results not typical with two-year-old new siblings to say the least ; )

Proud big brother

Gosh this is one adorable little man!

After Braydon's part of the session was over we let him change clothes and play with his grandparents, but when he came back into the room we were shooting and wanted to be included I wasn't going to say no! And I love this, non-matching outfits and all. It feels like real life, and in real life Braydon likes being a big brother.

Last of all we shot Blayne with his daddy's guitar. One day when he's a great big man playing that guitar it will be fun having these images to look back on!

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