Friday, May 25, 2012

Blake, Topanga, Reagan, Mattison & Kennedy

This family was just so much fun to shoot! First of all they have a bunch of kids which I like (I'm one of 7) they picked the type of shoot I like best (outdoors in a natural setting with people interacting being the chief focus), they dressed excellently and they obviously love each other! Winning!

At the end of the shoot I photographed each kid with their name written in their own handwriting to capture their script at this point in their life.... I'm not sure why blogger's new interface makes all my images upload out of order like this, but I'm going to call it "artistic" that all the shots are in random order.

This family dressed so well I feel like making an example out of their clothing ;) Isn't it awesome how their shoes all help show parts of their respective personalities? And all great shoe choices for images! In a photograph you either want to be barefoot or in shoes that add to your outfit. Athletic shoes never work well in pictures, as they tend to have distracting patterns/colors.

You know with 5 kiddos you occasionally need to lie in a field of flowers and clear your head ;)

Pretty Miss Reagan

Topanga is a photographer too...which is probably why she was such a natural at posing.

Miss Mattison is such a free spirit! (she's the barefoot kiddo in the foot picture, ha!)

Happy Miss Kennedy!

You know Blake is going to be a great husband one day with all these sisters!

Kennedy is the youngest, and thus in the least family pictures thus far, so she represents heavily in this shoot.

I frequently have people ask me how to dress for their shoots. I think this mom nailed it (she's a photographer too) and so I thought I'd discuss how to do it really quickly.

Pick one child's outfit (Like Mattison, on the far end) and then pull colors from that outfit for the other family members to wear. Don't be afraid of color and people don't have to wear solids. Prints/ patterns are great as long as they are in the same color family. Accessories, like shoes, bracelets, scarves, necklaces, hats and cardigans can add additional pops of color.

Blake could really get some impressive air!


The Carty Party Mom said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous family. They're all so full of personality. Wonderful job. <3 the name Topanga!

RDriskell said...

This shoot was perfect in every way! Thank you so much! I am so happy with every single shot!