Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is Sweet little Emery and her big sister Morgann!

Isn't she the cutest? The tiara she's wearing for these pictures her mom wore at her wedding which makes it extra special!

I love her sweet little checks! She just has the sweetest little feminine face!

This newborn halo one of my sweet clients bought me to use! It's from Baby Birdie Boutique
This is probably my favorite picture from the day. She just looks so sweet and snugly you just want to pick her up and squeeze her ;)

I am so pumped that both their shirts are readable in this picture! That does not happen often when you shoot wiggly kiddos and shirts with writing on them!

I love that they have the same expression here!
Can we just say props to Morgann for being such a great big sister and making it really easy to get lots of shots with her and her new sister!

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Royal Mama said...

So adorable!! And, can I just say I love the new pink blanket you are using. I'm reminded of Delaney's newborn pics every time I see it. :-)