Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kaylee, Camryn and Jacob

I've been trying to upload more images to my blog so less people feel left off of it. However I shoot 2 shoots a day and I generally only update this thing 5 times a week so it can be a bit difficult to include everyone unless I do a mega-blog session like today.

Generally the last session I edit at night is the session that makes the blog, although I do give preference to new clients (who have no idea why it's taking their images so long to be edited and want a sneak peek) and people who live far away and have to have their images mailed to them. However, that's not fair to some of my best clients who I've been shooting the longest.

This is the Cortez family and I've been shooting them since I moved to College Station in 2005 as a college student! Their little girls are so very well trained in taking pictures and always make it easy and new edition Jacob is showing signs of liking the camera as well ;)

Jacob loves his mommy!

This is his "signature" face. Isn't it the cutest?!?!

Also cute; Camryn's jumping face. :)

Kaylee has the best hair, (like a pantene commercial!) here she's showing her little sister Camryn how to do a hair flipping pose.

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