Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Nephew

My sister came into town last weekend on a business trip and since this is the last time she'll be this way until she has The Nephew we decided to get some more images of the bump.

Isn't it cute?

One of the perks of Lydia having the first grandchild is the rest of us sisters can figure out how we might look pregnant. Of pressing interest is the question, "Will my bellybutton pop at 6 months!?!?!". (For the record I think it's completely adorable, however it was a bit surprising as my mother's bellybutton never did that and she has 7 kids).

I was booked during all the good bluebonnet times when she was in town, but I told her if she was hanging around my favorite patch that evening and a shoot ended early we'd get some of her and her husband in the flowers and sure enough we got a little 10 minute shoot in!

Here's my Nephew and the flowers. Can't you just see the follow up image to the picture with a chubby 9-month old in blue jean overalls?

Lydia is due the 15th of July and I will see her again in Galveston before then but I wanted to make sure I got a few with my brother-in-law Chris just in case the little guy decided to come early.

I think The Nephew just might come out blond, what do you think?

For those of you who know Lydia and Chris want to follow the Nephew saga, her blog is here.

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