Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This sweet little man is Jaxson, he got pretty much the last bluebonnet shoot of the season.
Isn't he a lovebug?

His mom had read the part of my website about bringing things your child loves and came prepared! It was awesome!

Apparently Jax also really likes to fish the lemon out of water glasses when they go out to eat so we also go some pictures of him with some lemons.

Then we headed to the main area of the Bush library to shoot him and came across a proposal ( Bush at that time of year is THE place to propose apparently) This girl was in the same battalion as the young man about to get engaged and was helping set up the scene. She also agreed to pose for a picture with Jaxson and he was completely enamored with her!

Jaxson and his mommy. Props to Kristi for not planning on being on any pictures and yet still looking amazing.

Apparently Jaxson has a thing for Michael Jackson so when he was getting fidgety at the end of the shoot we put a little Michael Jackson on the phone and it left him entranced long enough to get a family shot or two!


Courtney said...

I LOVE these pictures! How creative!

Lydia said...

Love all the props. You used them perfectly!