Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have had so many newborns this last few weeks and I am LOVING it! All such beautiful babies and so fun to come up with different set-ups that compliment each baby! I think I've had 12 newborns in the last two weeks and I have three more scheduled for this week.

Here's the start of the newborn parade, sweet Miss Jillian!

I love her smile here! And look, dimples!

Jillian was born before Valentines day so a lot of her shoot was heart themed (although I think you can do heart themes year round with little girls).

Isn't her hair incredible? Most babies would need this clip on a headband! Speaking of clips, isn't this one adorable? It's one of my favorite etsy purchases!

Jillian and her parents lovies from when they were children.

Awe! Smiling at Daddy!

Okay, so I've gotten more consistent with this shot, and given a young newborn I can almost always make it happen. Most of the babies I shoot like this are very content to chill in this position, but Jillian was the first to give me a smile!

This shot is part of a before/after set with the maternity portraits we did for this family in December. If you'd like to see those, they are here

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Shannon said...

Friend, your creativity is really ramping up! I am just loving the little details of the hearts and the baby next to her name on the blanket. Such great memories for the parents. :)

Also, I was just thinking that I could not be happier for you getting to do the photography that you love so much: newborns!! You are so loving and gentle and perfect to be doing this. Your photography is a blessing to those parents, I have no doubt.