Monday, February 7, 2011


This gorgeous girl is Miss Delaney! She was born during the Christmas craziness, and with Christmas schedules and traveling we couldn't get a session in until she was a month-old!

Now, as most of you know, I prefer to shoot babies before they are 10 days old as they are sleepier then and more likely to curl into poses for you, so I was a little nervous about getting the shots I wanted with her. However, her shoot was probably the easiest newborn shoot I have ever done! She was SO sleepy and SO willing to pose! It was phenomenal! (results not typical with a 1-month-old).

Isn't she a gorgeous child?

Occasionally she'd open her eyes and peek at us and then decide we weren't doing anything interesting enough to stay awake for and go back to sleep.

At the end of the shoot we got some pictures of Delaney getting some cuddles from her momma. They're some of my favorites from the session!


Shannon said...

Okay, I could seriously comment on each picture, but I'm not sure how much latitude Blogger will give me in a comment box.

Let's hit the highlights:
1. If you MADE me pick a fave, I'd say the one near top where she's wearing the pink knitted hat. Seriously, the coloring you got on that one...mwah!

2. I LOVE the extreme close up on her face. I dig that you can see the wee little hairs and the cuteness of her nose. (Did you use your 50mm on that one? What were your settings?)

3. I really love the simplicity of the ones with her and her mom and the pretty butterfly softly in the background. Creative AND memorable!!

You really did an outstanding job, Sarah, and of course, you have very pretty clients!!

Judy Giles said...

Knock down gorgeous child ! Wonderful pictures too!

Karen said...

Oh, Sarah!! You have done amazing work, once again. Thank you so much. I adore these, and will cherish having these images of our sweet baby. I don't know how we'll decide on what to print once we see them all. :-)

JWBarger said...

She is so cute! I love the one where she has her face on her hands looking directly at the camera, with her eyes closed, of course. So beautiful!!!

Butterfly Chaser Photography said...

Thanks you guys!

I know! I'm loving tone-on-tone images lately. If more moms would let me play that way I'd probably only shoot newborns like that ;)

The macro of her face is taken with my 100mm 2.8. The shot was made at iso 800 and 1/200 at 2.8. It's a fun lens to play with. You can borrow it sometime if you'd like :)