Sunday, January 30, 2011


This gorgeous little one has an equally lovey name, Talia. She was SO sleepy and did every pose we asked her too, which is always exciting. :)

Here she is impersonating a field of spring flowers.

Then we went a little vintage with her "head in hands" pose. Aren't the pearls a neat touch?

She really has a pair of the loveliest lips I've seen on a baby!

Her grandma made her this hat!

And she made her this sling!


Katie said...

Those lips! Oh my. She is beautiful.

Shannon said...

Great, great work, Sarah!! Love the new positions and basket!! :) You are really outdoing yourself time and again, sweet friend. :)

Judy Giles said...

Your right!Beautiful baby and name!

Meghan said...

they look amazing sarah. can't wait to get them.