Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Due to how crazy busy the holiday season is, I cannot travel to do shoots during the peak times between Sept and January. However with this shoot, I was already going to Corpus Christi to be in one of my best friend's weddings and so I did a shoot while I was there to write off that drive (to Corpus and back is a heck of a drive!) as a tax deduction!

A tax dedication of miles I was traveling anyway and seeing one of my favorite families made the somewhat busy weekend completely worth it! Not to mention Jenny's wedding which was gorgeous and God honoring and everything a wedding should be! ;)

Now, on to the pictures! This is sweet little man Nemo and his parents enjoying a gorgeous fall morning on the beach!

Love his expression in this one! Little man is getting some air!

This wooden flat was just lying there on the beach! You couldn't have asked for a more perfect beach prop and I was so excited to find it!

*This baby is not actually named Nemo.

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