Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alexis and Zander

So, I'm on this "more blog posts and with greater frequency" kick because I do realize a great deal of you are waiting on some pictures!

However to keep it interesting I was posting as wide a variety of ages as I could and I discovered I shoot quite a large amount of 2-year-olds! (For reference, I shot three 2-year-olds just today). I'd say at least 75% of the shoots I do have at least one 2-year-old, crazy right? Luckily I adore that age, because they don't use fake expressions. You have to work to get eye contact, but the expressions you do get are very real.

So here's a rare 2-year-old free shoot ;) Alexis is 3 and Zander isn't quite one.

His little vest just slays me with cute! I think he looks like a tiny little banker!

Aren't these eyes amazing?

That smile! The vest! That tie! Those shoes! Can't it get any cuter?

This is my favorite style of image. A back-lit image with a shallow depth of field and in black and white...and a natural expression on the subject.


Judy Giles said...

Beautiful family and a happy start to this Fall morning ! Thanks Sarah!

Kristine said...

Beautiful Family!