Saturday, November 13, 2010

Abby, Davis and Briley

Sometimes I have people ask me what to wear for their sessions (if they knew me in person before the shoot they probably wouldn't - my standard fare is jeans and a tee) so in the future I'm just going to refer them to this mom! This family's outfits worked so nicely together without "matching".

Of course Briley's so cute she'd steal the show regardless of what she's wearing!

I love how different their train track pictures are, they just show so much personality! This is Abby who is a complete sweetheart.

Gosh, Davis is the sweetest boy! I love the little shy guys that take a while to warm up, they tend to have the best smiles.

Little Miss Independence Briley. We got some more typical shots of her on the tracks as well, but I love the intensity in her gaze in this image!

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