Monday, June 21, 2010


This sweet peanut is Miss Blakelynne.

Blakelynne and her big sister, Jacee Kay!

She was the most alert newborn ever and DID NOT want to go to sleep so we got some cute shots of her awake.

But you have to sleep sometimes, and eventually we waited her out!

She was so very ladylike and did the feet fold so nicely! I love how her little feet are peeling from being overdue. It's part of her story.

Since she was a light sleeper that day we didn't do much posing besides putting things on her head. Here's a collage of "things on a newborn". ;) Please note that she's a future Aggie too, we raise them right here in College Station!

The we put a tutu on her, (from here) and that woke her up!

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