Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This handsome little man is Mr. Houston! He came in from out of town to do his newborn shoot, and we shot him at his cousin's house, which was exciting for me because I knew they had a nice lighting set up. Better light = better pictures. Then Mr. Houston surpassed my expectations on sleeping and pretty much did every pose I asked him to. What a keeper of a baby!

Sometimes people ask me what to wear for their newborn shoot, and I tell them neutral colored items without collars. The reason behind this is you want the focus on the image to be the people, and the conection between the people, and you don't want to be distracted by the tones of the shirt or have the collar get in the way of your cuddling. I think this mom nailed outfit selection on the head.

I have a feeling this little guy may turn out to be a sports fan ;)

I LOVE his smile here! Houston loves his daddy!

When dealing with naked, un-potty trained people accidents do happen. Luckily this happened after we were done with the parent shots ;)

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