Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I shot this little guy ages ago, but I thought I'd put him on the blog because he's the baby on my blog header (the one hugging the sock monkey) and I always enjoy seeing before and afters ;)

With toddlers it's exponentially easier to shoot them with their parents (someone to hold them still for a picture) and thus it makes it a prime time to get a a more lifestyle type of shoot in, with people playing and interacting more naturally.

Doesn't this family emanate their love for each other?

I always try to convince parents to join their children during a photoshoot. One of the reasons is it's nice to have an updated family picture, but I think the most important reason is so your child can look back on their images (even when he's a big surly teenager) and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that his parents have always been crazy about him.

How is this baby a great big boy already?

Love that smile!

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