Sunday, March 25, 2012


These beautiful people are Marko and Rebecca. We did this shoot a while back as they prepared to welcome their son into their lives. I'm only posting a few from the maternity shoot (although we got a quite a few I like) as I want to get to the real star of the show, Mr. Robert!

Isn't this a handsome boy? He's huge too! He started close to 10 pounds and was right at 11 pounds when we shot his newborns at 2 weeks old. (You can tell from how alert and focused he is that he thinks he's 3-months-old. Babies these days...always trying to grow up so fast!)

This. Is. a. Newborn. I know, crazy, right?

Robert on his bedding. I always try to incorporate the bedding if I can, as it's the family's style and then the image can be displayed in the nursery and add to the decor.

I also try to use a couple elements from the maternity shoot to tie the two shoots together. Obviously the blocks are from the maternity shoot and we also used the cowboy hat.

He such a handsome little man! Those cheeks are the best!


Sharon B. Woolmington said...

Thank you for capturing our adorable grandbaby boy, Robert!

Debbie Dittrich said...

Love these pics of Mr. Robert. So wonderful. Wish you were in Dallas for my upcoming grandson' birth!

Beth Hahn said...

Oh what lovely pictures of my grandson. He is so handsome. I plan on spoiling him a whole lot. His other grandmother better known as mimi.
Beth Hahn (MiMi)