Monday, September 5, 2011


One of the very first people I ever shot outside of my friends and family circle was a girl I met online (through a xanga blog no less) named Becca. Since then she's gotten married and had two beautiful babies, Jax and Jory.

Jory's pregnancy was a nail biter with bed rest and preterm labor almost the entire pregnancy. I spent a lot of time praying this little Miss would arrive after 37 weeks and sure enough, she arrived the day after her mom reached 37 weeks. I even photographed her birth.:)

(Jory's birth story and the images of her birth can be found on her mom's blog, here.)

Isn't Jax adorable? I can tell the role of big brother is coming very easily to him!

This hat, (and the little bird hat seen below are from Proud Child Crochet boutique on facebook)

We have a picture of her brother in this same hat!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! still WISH I could kidnap you to do our newborn/family pics!! Def need to schedule with you for next year so we are sure to try and snatch you in time :)

Teresa said...

Love your photography Sarah! Thank you!

Judy Giles said...

I thank God for Jory!
Sweet pictures too !