Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Remember this maternity session? I actually had quite a few people upset with me for "outing" the name, so aren't you relieved to know they didn't name their daughter Eustice? It was all a joke and the little Miss got named Elaina Beth, and she gets called Ellie for short. :)

I love her little piggies in this one!

Sleepy family

So, whose profile does she have?

Isn't this just a gorgeous baby? She was born with a nuchal hand so we thought it was only fitting to have it up by her face for the pictures too. ;)

The tutu her Aunt made her....

The romper her mom made her (with a pattern from Tie Die Diva)

The blanket her grandma made her. (This is a very crafty family, apparently).

Ellie with both her parent's childhood teddy bears.

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