Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Remember Everly's maternity portraits? Well, this sweet family got to meet their girl just a few days late after a speedy natural delivery, which is made even more impressive when Everly was weighed and found to be 10lbs and 8 oz! She has lots of sweet baby chub! :)

You can tell Cooper's a natural big brother.

How did this girl fit inside? (Before is from the maternity pictures, after Everly is about a week old).

This heirloom crib belongs to the family. Isn't it great? I must say I had to refrain from squealing when I saw it!

This family is from out of town, so after we did a few pictures at her grandparents house (the above images) we headed to my house as it has great light to finish up the shoot. During a shoot you're not really photographing the baby, you're photographing light falling on the baby so better light = better images. I'm always pleased when a client has good lighting potential at their house or they come to my house as the results are much better, and I don't have to worry about the light and can focus on the poses and set ups.

Sweet Miss Everly in a pettiromper.

For being such an adorable ball o' chub, Miss Everly could fold up into a womb position nicely (sometimes the bigger babies are less "curly".)

I love this one. Her cheeks! Those shoulder rolls! nom,nom,nom!

I also love this one because her mouth is the sweetest shape.


Judy Giles said...

Everly is gorgeous!!!

coopandevsmom said...

LOVE THEM...thanks so much

don't forget about that leg "birthmark" on her leg in th daddy shot...remember it was a temporary mark caused from her belly button procedure that got the medicine on her leg and "burned" it