Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Emersyn 1 year pictures (and some Radley)

This sweet little girl is Emersyn and she is just a delight to shoot. Everytime I schedule a shoot with her I think, "Surely this will be the shoot the other shoe drops", but no. Emmy is just mellow and happy and super cute, which makes shooting her a breeze. (and it doesn't hurt that her mom comes well prepared with props!)

Here's a before and after of Emersyn from her newborn shoot. She was propped on blankets for the first image and not for the second! She is so much bigger and so much tanner! I love it!

Let's not leave Radley out of it! Radley is eagerly awaiting his birthday shoot in Sept when the pictures will be mostly about him ;)

That's a pretty legible name for a 3-year-old!

The whole family, on an antique brass bed in the middle of a Pecan orchard. Aren't they awesome?

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