Monday, August 1, 2011

Kaylie, Connor & Caleb

These three babies met up for an early morning shoot at the Bush library. They did so well for me! It's rare to get a group shot of three under the age of 4, and we got several!

Sweet Miss Kaylie, the princess of the family.

Kaylie is also into bug collecting, and gathered me a small army of roly poly's during our shoot. It turns out Jenna and Kaylie go to school with a little girl named Jerra (who will be on the blog in a week or so) and Jerra is obsessed with bugs and bug collecting and has recruited all her classmates in her quest.

I love it! What a positive thing to not have a fear of bugs! I'm sure it will serve them well in life as it's almost impossible to avoid bugs, and dealing with them rationally is a laudable skill set. (Now if they all go on to get advance degrees in entomology, I will be quite impressed with Jerra's leadership skills ;)

Sweet Connor! He kept wanting it to be his turn during the shoot. I love that!

Sweet cheeks Caleb. Aren't those two teeth the sweetest?

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