Monday, August 1, 2011

Collin & Ainsley

The session got rescheduled twice due to bad weather (ie, clouds looking threatening, weather forecasters lying through their teeth about how much rain would soon be dumped on us by the bucketful... and then nada) So I was thrilled when we got the session in on a day that was just gorgeous!

We did this shoot at Royalty Pecan Farm, which is located out towards Caldwell. It's a lovely location and they have been very generous about allowing me to shoot there. If you are considering a shoot there I do ask that you call and make sure it okay to shoot there. Generally Royalty asks for some of your images to use in their promotion which is great, (and how fun to be models promoting a product?!)

This is Ainsley, she is just gorgeous.

Happy dance!

This is Collin. How awesome are those freckles?

Ah. 4-year-olds and their cheesy poses! (Secretly I love the poses they want and always make sure to snap a couple....)

People always ask if I do things to the eyes of my subjects in photoshop, and the answer is no. I edit far too many pictures to spend time selectively editing eyes, I also prefer a more natural look to an edit. If the eyes "pop" it's a combination of low depth of field, and lighting techniques...or just having naturally gorgeous eyes like this little man ;)

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