Sunday, September 11, 2011


This tiny little one is Evelyn and she came to see me from Houston. Isn't she just so delicate and perfect?

This is a tiny baby and a big man.

Her mama got her these bloomers just for the shoot!


Tayskye said...

Ooooh!! These photos are so beautiful!! I am so lucky to be related to that gorgeous baby girl. You did an excellent job on all of these photos. I wish I could shrink my daughters back down for a day so you could photograph them too!!!

Melody Arceneaux said...

These are absolutely breathtaking! Thank you, Sarah, for such beautiful pictures of our beautiful baby.

MadeInTexas said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of Evelyn and her parents, every one of them just beautiful! Thank you sooo much Sarah, brought tears to my eyes looking at them!!