Thursday, February 2, 2012

Radley & Emmy; Carnival Shoot

I shot a large amount of Christmas picture that never made it to this blog, in part because I was to busy and in part because some people want their card images to be surprises. However a few shoots this fall were just a bit out of the ordinary for me and I thought I'd throw them up here so the advance planners of my clients can see how various new locations photograph.

The carnival was here the first week of November. This last year I was completed booked for the year in August so I wasn't able to add any specific carnival themed shoots to my schedule, but I did ask the clients I had that week if they would like a carnival themed shoot and this family did!

We tried some cotton candy...

And some popcorn!

This is Radley's personality captured in one image.

...or perhaps this is....

...or maybe this?

Sweet Miss Emersyn!

How do you get an image like the top one? By having two parents willing to go the distance behind me (by rushing in and tickling). Love Rad's face in the last frame.

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