Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jax & Jory

This lady is the designer to my blog, and designs quite a few of my client's blogs as well! Her contact info is here, Jumping Jax Designs.

What I like about shooting this family is Becca comes prepared with coordinating outfits and a pinterest board of ideas, but she also realizes toddlers are people too, and sometimes you're not going to get your 15 poses (and sometimes you do, her kids photograph well ;)

Becca followed the outfit picking "rule" of two colors and a neutral. Here the neutral is white and the two colors are browns and a pop of red. Pretty adorable, aren't they?

(Jory's face is my favorite here)

How cute is that bow tie? Rediculously cute!

This girl loves her daddy!

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tonimariephotography said...

These are fantastic images! Beautiful family, beautiful processing, beautiful color. Love it!