Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paxton & Preston

This is my friend Erin Cole.  If you've ever gotten a "Sorry, I am already booked, here are some other photographer options" email from me, this lady is right at the top of the list, she runs Treasure Photography.  Not only does she take beautiful pictures, but she's a lot of fun to work with too!

I first met Erin when I was a brand spanking new photographer, and we did a shoot with her sons and husband Layne right before he lost his fight with cancer. Since then Erin has been raising her two little men with grace and joy and I'm pleased to call her a friend.

Paxton and his mama

Preston was doing samurai swishes with a stick when we took these and lost his grip and it flew towards Erin and Paxton, (this is before it hit them, they have their eyes close in anticipation). Before the stick even made contact Preston was yelling "it was a accident!!!!" Ah. Such is life with little guys!

We took some head shots of Erin for her website. We did this last year too, but since then she's lost a crazy amount of weight with portion control and zumba and we wanted to document that!

Erin got bored and took a few selfies.


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Those turned out so great Sarah! Erin, you look amazing. But even more important is knowing what a wonderful person you are inside! You look radiant!