Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Millicent's 1 year shoot

Here's the rest of the Millicent at 1 shoot, the non series shots!
This shoot was at a Bryan park and the cake smash and the bonnet images are at Kyle House in Bryan. (Remember, the Kyle house is a venue you have to pay for if you are planning a shoot there).

Isn't she just the cutest ever? Adorable bonnet from And Whatnot Boutique

I know some moms think they are big bow mama's with their babies in fist sized bows...but you ladies need to step up your game. THIS is a bow ;) I believe it's from Glam R Baby

Her birthday theme is cute as a button, which is just so fitting!

A couple with Millicent's big sisters, this is eldest sister Caroline.

All three, Mills, Annaliese and Caroline!

This shot cracked me up. Anna has a "picture face" she's used since she was little, it's a deliberate pout (I think she does it to show off her lips). ;)

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