Friday, June 15, 2012

Kate, Benjamin, Dean & John

So. I shoot 7 days a week, which is frankly insane and I'm making changes to my scheduling practices to make sure this fall is a lot less hectic. However, one of the perks of shooting that much is that I get a lot of practice with all types of lighting situations. With this shoot it was a very overcast day (but not back up plan for rain is rescheduling) and so this family decided to brave the weather and do our scheduled shoot anyways, and while we did get sprinkled on (eeeks!) the rain went away after 10 minutes and the sun popped out for the rest of our shoot. College Station. Is. Weird.

Back to the pictures. Isn't this the prettiest family you've ever seen?


Sweet brothers Benjamin, Dean and John

This is the pont we got rained on and went to find shelter under the gazebo at the Bush library.

While we were waiting out the rain we shot this little guy by himself. :)

Then the rain stopped and we did some naked baby shots

The bumbo works with the color scheme! Is this mom put together or what? *Slow clap* ;)

Beautiful Kate

This baby is delicious.

Benjamin is a *tiny* bit into baseball

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