Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Evelyn, Maeve & Garrison

This family is moving out of the country in July. So when the mom and I began talking about what the shoot should look like we selected their house for the first part of the shoot, (so we could photograph the family routines and get images that matched the children's memories of the house) and then an outdoor location to get move formal portraits.

This shot is an outtake from me setting up the flash, but can I just say I love the "dad eyes" going down in the far right. That's a slice of real life right there!

Book reading

We also shot some board games and dancing, but in the interest of keeping this blog post brief...

Evelyn and her daddy

Lovely Miss Maeve

Garrison and mommy

I think these outfits are so super cute and a good example of how you do not have to have your children in solid outfits to get the outfits to work together. You just have to have the outfits come from the same color families (admittedly harder than it looks. These outfits all come from the Tea Collection, which is know for it's mix and match style and is currently having a 50% off all of you upcoming clients stressing about what to wear, check them out ).

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