Friday, June 21, 2013

Brooke & Brenna

I shot this lovely family at Gabbard park, in College Station. It's not a park I shoot at a lot (people can have trouble finding it) but I like the way it shoots. :)

Sweet sisters!

Brandy is a photographer too, (link here) so we made it a special point to include her in the pictures since she is always taking them for her family.

Brooke read a million words this school year so we made sure to get a shot of her doing her favorite activity.

Can I just say the ducks at Gabbard park are cray cray? It's like the pied piper of ducks, Brooke and Brenna are 5 and 8, and the ducks were almost too much for them, I think they would be overwhelming for smaller kids...

Brooke is such a beautiful girl, and she's looking so much older all of the sudden.

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