Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This beautiful blondie is Miss Finnley! She's BFF with another adorable toddler I shoot, so when she as in town visiting Jackson we snuck a shoot in. :)

So, where do you think that baby got her gorgeous coloring from?

Fun fact to local photographers, if you do this you are going to get told by at least one security guard. (ie, I won't have clients sitting on the rocks by the water again, so this is now a BFC photography exclusive)

Sweet Miss Finn was tired of shooting and kept trying to snuggle with the blanket we brought to sit on. I love how she still tries to sleep like a baby.

This is how she smells flowers. Is this girl animated or what?

Seriously. Enough. With. The. Pictures!

So then we brought out the trike and had a little more fun ;)

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Hope and Justin said...

oh Sarah!! You just have no idea how happy this momma is!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I love that I don't just see smiles in these pictures--I see her personality to the T!!!! What a fun age you have so perfectly captured. And yay for being a BFC exclusive- lol!