Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This sweet family recently added their newest member, lovely little Miss London! I'm not going to post a lot of family pictures with this post (just tons of London) but this one I had to include because it was very in the moment; smiling people, one curious and alert newborn and one completely smitten big sister.

I get the feeling Ellison and London are going to be the very best of friends.

Big brother and protector, Paxton.

Isn't she a doll baby?

I love the contrast in hand sizes.

I loved how alert and attentive she was.

Baby girl in her daddy's hands.

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Shannon said...

I know and love this family!! And I love how you captured the love between them. I think you're right that this little munchkin will grow up with a best friend, protector, and two parents who point her toward Jesus!!

Wonderful pictures, Sarah. Love the one of her in Daddy's hands. A treasure!!