Friday, December 21, 2012

Skylar & Hunter

Here's a fun family shoot I did at Research park this fall. I really liked how this entire session turned out and thought I'd highlight some of the areas that helped make this go so smoothly.

First of all, this family was super easy to work with. They came to the shoot fed and pumped up about taking pictures. (A good combination!)

They picked jewel tones for their outfits, (jewel tones photograph best) and they had a fun monochromatic color scheme, which feels fresh and really helps keep the focus of the image on the people.

I feel like I'm strongest as a photographer when I shoot nature settings, as I like shallow depth of field in images and I like filtered backlighting, both of which I find easier to do in a natural setting. I also like how the greens and golds of the location complimented their purple outfits.

For some reason blogger's changed their photo sizing again, which makes the images on my blog look less sharp then they should. If you want to see the photo in closer to it's true clarity you should be able to click on the image to see a larger/sharper file.

A big girl, with new big girl teeth taking one last photo with her special bear. Love it

Skylar really has the best smile.

They were having a contest to see who could kiss their dad on the head longest. Obviously Hunter cheated (and won) and Skylar is the best sport ever .;)

Here's an interesting comparison shot of two images I shot this fall on the same rock outcropping at Research park. Frequently I'll have clients tell me they need a new location for images as they're already shot at X, Y, and Z locations. While it's true that a new location can make images look fresh, a location should be picked for three reasons; because it's easy for the client to use, because it compliments the color and styling of their clothing/shoot, and because it has pretty light. A location will shoot COMPLETELY differently at a different time of year, with a different photographer, with differently aged children, with different outfit choices, and with different lenses.

These shots were taken with the same lens/camera, with the same photographer in the same location and they feel completely different. Besides the color of the leaves/grass changing, the color of the light also changed from September when Hunter was shot to November, when Dalal was shot.;)

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