Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tateym & Hallee

How sweet are these sisters? We did their shoot at the Kyle house in Bryan, which is a beautiful location you have to pay to use (I'm noting this here, for the people who are looking for shoot locations for an upcoming shoot :)

The mom of this family sells Matilda Jane Clothing, which all three of the ladies in this family are wearing. If you're looking for vintage little girl clothing, or want to host a Matilda Jane trunk party you can email Kristy at kristyhamilton at

Aren't these the sweetest sisters?

I love sassy little girls, and sassy little girls in boots is even better!

Best face ever? I think yes!

Then we shot Hallee in the pram with pearls, as her "series" shots are all based around pearls as one of our favorites from her newborn shoot was pearl based!

Seriously, babies this age (the teething age) make the best faces!

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Brennan Babble said...

Was looking through this shoot....great job, by the way....but your link for Matilda Jane Clothing goes to (a site that sells turkey)....Just wanted to let you know