Monday, October 8, 2012

Joshua & Konner

These little guys came in from out of town for a shoot and due to scheduling complications we needed to do our shoot in the middle of the day.(The worst time to attempt a natural light photoshoot outdoors) so we did an indoor shoot at a place with a lot of windows, the new MSC building on campus!

I think my blog resizing action may need tweaking. To see these looking as sharp as they actually are, click on the image.

Aren't these the most handsome boys?

We weren't really going for an "Aggie" themed shoot, so I didn't really take a lot of the environment of the MSC building but I couldn't resist these awesome windows!

Both of these brothers have the most high contrast blue eyes I've ever seen! Of course I don't selectively edit eyes (I don't like eyes to look overdone, or zombie like)  but they both have eyes so beautiful they almost look fake. ;)

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