Thursday, March 7, 2013


This adorable dude is Mr. Knox! Initially when his mama and I were discussing concepts for the shoot, we found we wanted a simply baby shoot with not a lot of clothes or too many props...but sometimes the "no clothes" thing can be an issue for early spring shoots (and sure enough is was cold and overcast the day of the shoot) so we did this shoot in his dining room with my portable studio.:)

This little guy is one happy baby!

and really, I get the cutest clients!

Love these shots of Knox and his mama together! The time when you can hold your babies in your arms is a very small window, so I always try to encourage mamas to be in as many images as possible. More pictures of you and your babies means a greater likelihood of getting an image you really treasure.

I think a lot of what makes these images work for me (and the mama+baby shots were my favorites) was the backdrop, the shirt and the diaper are all neutral matching tones, so the focus is solely on the mama and baby. No distractions).

Aviator baby!

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