Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This handsome dude is Mr. Liam! Isn't he a keeper?

Liam's room is nautically themed, so we did some set ups with his bedding and with a boat prop I had.

He is such a handsome little big man!

Big sister Brynn is 15 (I think) months older... it's just a matter of a few short months before Liam catches up with her ;)

Besides his awesome double crown (thus the naturally occurring mohawk) he also has hair that looks highlighted!

Ten tiny toes!

Even though he's blond (and they typically have harder to see hair) Mr. Liam was covered with baby fuzz, just like a peach! 

The best part of this image is how sad he looks that his big sister is willing to trade him for a cupcake like that ;)

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