Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cousins! Reid, Grace, Kirk and Kirsten

These 4 adorable faces are two sets of cousins that are exactly the same ages - 3-years-old and 9 months. Isn't it awesome that they'll always have a same aged companion at family gatherings?

Their names are Reid, Grace, Kirk and Kirsten.

This is one set, Kirk and Kirsten

We did a few of the boys, but the shoot was mostly about getting an entire cousins grouping and then shooting the girls 9-month pictures.

Sweet Miss Grace. We have a picture of her mother at about 9 months pregnant with Grace on this bridge so I was pleased we did her 9 month portraits here as well. :)

This shirt was their grandmother's when she was a baby, isn't that neat?

Love this one!

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