Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jack William

When my sister Lydia was pregnant the whole family got involved in naming discussions and it came out that my eldest sister, Hannah, had called dibs on two family names, Jack and William.

There was much discussion on whether one could even call dibs one a family name and whether or not the pregnant sister would respect the boundaries of "dibs". So, when we did an image to illiterate the naming dilemmas Chris and Lydia were facing they insinuated that Jack William was one of their choices to mess with Hannah (and it worked!)

So imagine my surprise when I shot a little Jack William the other day! I must say (and even Hannah agrees) that he is a handsome enough fellow to carry such an attractive name!

It is (almost) always the boys who have ridiculous amount of hair!

Such long eyelashes too!

His Grandmother made him this quilt for his bedding.

It took a little work to get this image, but I'm glad we did because I love it!

I love baby feet with rings images! The feet are always different and the rings are always different.

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