Saturday, September 18, 2010

On Availability

For the fall season I am currently booked every weekend through the end of the year. I am also thisclose to being entirely booked for the season. I have about 7-10 more sessions spots open for families and then I will ONLY be taking newborns shoots for the remainder of the year. (Newborns can be shot in the middle of a weekday, which is a time when most families cannot schedule a family shoot.)

Over the summer I made the mistake of scheduling too many shoots, and my editing time took a hit. (There's only one of me and if I'm shooting I'm not editing and so forth) I was shooting about 6 hours a day, and then replying to e-mails, dropping off CD's and mailing CD's another 2 hours, so 8 hours a day before I could even start on editing. I do not take days off. Obviously this is not a workable schedule for long and so I am restructuring for the fall to make sure everyone will get their images quickly and in time for holiday printing.

Thanks for your understanding! I'm looking forwards to cooler weather and all these fun Halloween and Christmas card shoots! :)

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Gabby said...

Have you read my Facebook message about me and Tim's wedding next year? Can we get on your calendar for April bluebonnet shoots if you still have spots for that?