Saturday, April 9, 2011


This beautiful little one is Miss Daisy, she recently got promoted to a big sister!

Here's the new and improved family with handsome little man Jake!

This whole family has the prettiest eyes!

I love how newborns start out covered with soft baby hairs, like peaches. Can't you see it on his little cheeks?

Happy little man!

Loved how wrinkly he was!


Chris and Lydia said...

Second picture of Daisy--LOVE it! And Jake with his Dad, awesome contrast.

Shannon said...

All great shots, Sarah! I really, really like the one of Daisy bending over and kissing Brother's cheek. The whole thing is so angelic!

I do love those macro shots. Seeing the peach fuzz and a close-up of the lips is dreamy!! :)

Very creative, friend!!