Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This sweet little one is Miss Sydney, she had the MOST hair and the longest eyelashes I've shot in a long while!

I've shot Brynna twice before this shoot and this shoot was the happiest I've ever seen her. You can tell she's just going to relish being a big sister!

Those eyelashes are extreme! (On a less exciting note, I made that headband, pretty cool, eh?)

Sydney is a really smiley baby!

Aren't they the sweetest together?


J-Whoa! said...

I am really loving the monk babies : )

Shannon said...

Okay, Sydney very well may be the most beautiful baby I've ever seen (apart from own three precious ones). Her smiley face and her dark hair and fair skin. Stunning!

And way to go on that bow, Sarah! That is really some skill, my friend!!

Pretty much love you doing newborn sessions. You are gifted!

Shannon said...

Forgot to say that I LOVE the one of her on the light pink blanket with the headband. BE-utiful!!